Energy & Community Engagement

The Enscape team has worked with a wide range of stakeholders to produce feasibility studies for a range of projects, as described below:

  • Business plan development of an in-vessel composting facility on the Isle of Bute.
  • Mixed renewables assessment:  options study for renewable energy projects in the Stonehaven area.
  • Anaerobic digestion:  Multiple feasibility studies carried out for community-based clients on Mull,
  • Skye and Orkney, as well as private developers and government bodies.
  • Run of river micro-hydro power schemes:  feasibility studies for schemes less than 20kW.
  • Scoping studies for public bodies, commercial developers, involving industrial symbiois, net-zero carbon infrastructure, district heating schemes, considering different technologies.
  • Energy from waste feedstock analysis.
  • Biomass energy feasibility and technology assessment projects.