The FINESSE™ Programme

On a number of commissions (between 2010 and 2019) we have identified advanced sorting equipment configurations and costs for managing and separating complex, small particle waste streams (0 to 50mm) into fractions which have market value and can be diverted from landfill.  This has involved working with a range of different commercial and municipal sources.

Waste characterisation, technology and system trials have been taken forward in Scotland, England, the Netherlands and Germany.  This has involved using optical, X-ray and near infra-red sorting plant to target materials and elements by shape, reflection, and intrinsic material properties.  Enhanced levels of separation have been achieved by additional processes, involving thermal treatment, air density sorting and tailored screening processes.

We characterise and evaluate complex waste streams using a first principles approach i.e. we characterise at a particulate level the nature of the materials to be sorted. From this we are able to design and trial different configurations of technologies, which in some cases are state of the art. We have contacts within the European waste technology supply chain, where we are able to test the performance of our proposed sorting solutions at test centres, and then confirm these through laboratory testing.